Liquid (Wet) Filtration

Filter Cloth

Filter cloth is a key ingredient to optimizing any filter press operation.

In addition to its position in the dry filtration industry in North America, the Micronics Engineered Filtration companies specialize in wet filtration through Micronics, Inc., a worldwide expert in solid/liquid separation. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, USA and was incorporated in 1983. Filter Cloth manufacturing, like filter bag manufacturing, is located in Chattanooga.

Micronics is a worldwide authority on filter cloth, critical to optimizing any filter press application. They are a full-service filtration solutions provider, helping its customers reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies, and extend the life of their filtration equipment.

Filter Press Machinery

Micronics’ Filter Press with Automatic Cloth Washing System & Hydraulic Shifters is used in a host of demanding industries.

Wet Filtration Products & Services

Products and services offered by Micronics include filter cloth, filter presses, filter plates, filter press repair/refurbishment; preventative maintenance, process improvement recommendations, on-site technical service for all brands of filter presses, and more. Micronics has been a portfolio company of Vance Street Capital (VSC) since 2013.

As with SFM, Micronics has a proven track record in providing advanced filtration products and services to customers in a wide range of markets and applications including Mining & Mineral Processing, Chemical Manufacturing, Paint & Pigments, Aggregates, Asphalt & Cement Production, Steel Mills, Foundries & Non-ferrous Metal processing, Water/Wastewater treatment plants, Food & Beverage, Agricultural plants, Power Generation, and more.

Please feel free to browse the Micronics, Inc. website or contact us at Southern Filter Media for an expert referral for our outstanding liquid filtration capabilities. There are numerous customers who depend upon Micronics for both liquid and dry engineered filtration solutions!