Leak Detection Powder, Inspection Lights & Precoat

Leak Detection Powder

Leak Testing with our Fluorescent Dye Powder is an effective way to find bag failures, structural leaks, cracks or bad bag seals.

Southern Filter Media (SFM) provides fluorescent leak detection powder, precoat powder, and black lights to support your baghouse needs.

Leak detection powder is offered in a variety of colors – including pink, green, blue and orange – depending upon your specific baghouse needs.

Inspection lighting offered includes our 51 LED 380-385 nm Longwave UV Flashlight which has 51 LEDs, weighs only 7 oz, is 5 ¾” long, and uses 3 AA batteries. This light is an Ideal solution for Fluorescent Dye Testing in tight spaces.

Contact Us to learn about our full range of leak detection powder, precoat filter aid, and inspection lights to enhance quality and reliability in your baghouse.