Spring Assemblies & Bag Caps

Spring Assemblies Southern Filter Media (SFM) excels not only in helping you select the correct filter media for your unique baghouse, but also in supplying you with the installation hardware to ensure that you are achieving optimal baghouse performance.

Tensioning is critical to optimized performance in Reverse Air Baghouses and, in fact, improper tensioning is one of the principal causes of bag failure in reverse air baghouses.

Southern Filter Media maintains a full inventory of high-quality spring assemblies for your reverse air baghouses, critical to ensuring the longevity of your filter bags. Our spring assemblies are available in various materials of construction including stainless steels. We offer conical and linear spring designs, J-rods and all the nuts and washers needed for proper installation.

Contact Us to learn more about our full range of spring (tensioning) assemblies. Benefit from our deep expertise in optimizing your reverse air baghouse performance.