Bag Hangers

Double D Bag Hanger

“Double D” Hanger System


Loop Top Baghouse Filter Bag

“L” Hook with Loop Top Filter Bag


Triangle Hook Bag

Triangle Hook


Southern Filter Media (SFM) supplies a wide range of high quality baghouse filter hardware such as hangers and hanger assemblies for our baghouse OEMs.

We stock a host of strap and loop hangers for shaker bag use and our hanger parts are of the highest quality to combat the stress and mechanical wear that may occur during shaking.

SFM also supplies spring assemblies for Reverse Air baghouses and these components are critical in preventing premature bag failures and/or inadequate cleaning.

At Southern Filter Media, we know that everything from filter media selection to installation hardware matter when it comes to extending your filter bag life, improving overall baghouse efficiencies, and complying with all applicable standards and regulations.

Contact Us so that we may assist you in getting the right parts – when you need them – for your particular baghouse. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and prompt delivery from our large inventory. Request a quote for installation hardware and baghouse parts & accessories here.