HVAC and HEPA Filters

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HVAC Pleated Panel Filters

Southern Filter Media (SFM) supplies a full line of high-quality HVAC/Pleated Panel Filters, available in 1” Pleat, 2” Pleat, and 4” Pleat depths.

These ASHRAE 52.2 rated synthetic media filters have controlled pleat spacing, maximizing surface area and dust-holding capacity. The 100% synthetic media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and does not absorb moisture or contribute to microbial growth. The media is bonded to a rigid, high wet strength, moisture-resistant beverage board frame to prevent dust bypass.


HEPA Filter

HEPA grade filters are also available in a wide range of sizes with either a rigid high-density particleboard or galvanized metal frames. Depending on the efficiency requirement for an individual process, HEPA filters are available with 95%, 99.97%, and 99.99% efficiency ratings, based on .30-micron particles.

Contact Us to learn more about our HVAC pleated panel filters & HEPA filters as well as our line of OEM replacement bags, pleated bag filters, cartridge filters, baghouse parts and accessories, and much more. Southern Filter Media has a full-line of dust control products to ensure that your dust & pollution control needs are met. Together we are contributing to a cleaner environment, as well as a cleaner workplace.