Filter Bags, Pleated Filters & Cartridge Filters

Replacement Filter Bags for Leading Baghouse OEMs

Filter Bag Inventory

We keep a large inventory of filter media fabrics on-hand to meet our OEM customers’ diverse needs.

Southern Filter Media (SFM) excels in providing OEM replacement dust bags in a host of fabrics, depending on your baghouse requirements. SFM manufactures filter bags in our state-of-the-art, automated production facilities and we keep a large inventory of filter fabrics on-hand to meet the needs of our OEM customers. We offer an array of felt, woven, and knit fabrics including:

  • Aramids (Nomex®, Conex®, Charming®)
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton
  • Fiberglass
  • Polyester
  • PPS (Formerly called Ryton®)
  • P84®
  • Homopolymer Acrylic
  • Polypropylene
  • PTFE
  • & Many Other Filter Fabrics
Conductive Filter Bag

Polyester/Epitropic (Conductive) filter bag with raw -edge top and disc bottom.

Our automated production lines can work not only with a wide range of fabrics and finishes but also produce a wide range of configurations from simple, “raw-edge top, disc bottom” to snap band top, flange top, skirt top, wire ring top, multiple bottoms, wear strips, and grounding straps.

Custom Baghouse Filter Bags

SFM offers replacement filter bags, pleated bags and cartridge filters for all OEMs. They come in both top-load and bottom-load styles and are offered in a variety of finishes for different applications. Other options include depth of pleats, number of pleats, reinforcing bands, and core material.

SFM works with leading baghouse OEMs to provide the best bag or filtration solution – whether Pulse Jet, Reverse Air or Shaker – for your industry and application. Some of these markets include Power Generation; Wood Products; Steel and Iron Processing, Foundries; Aggregates/Cement/Asphalt; Food Processing; Grain Industry; Chemicals; Paint & Pigments, and more.

Contact Us to learn more about our wide range of OEM replacement dust bags, pleated bag filters & cartridge filters for leading baghouse OEMs. We’ve also got HVAC pleated panel filters and HEPA filters as well as liquid filters to meet your needs. Benefit from our quality, product reliability, top-notch customer service, and expertise.