AeroPulse Venturis

AeroPulse “Twist-Lock” venturi

Bottom Load Venturi

Bottom load venturi

Venturis are cone-shaped devices located at the top of a tubular filter bag in a Pulse Jet Dust Collector. At the top of the venturi, it creates a negative pressure for pulling additional air down into the filter elements during pulsing.

Southern Filter Media (SFM) offers its customers a full line of properly engineered venturis, available in various materials of construction including spun aluminum, steel and stainless steels. Choose from several styles, already tooled and available for prompt delivery.

Our cage designs can be supplied with an integral venturi, permanently installed. Factory installation assures you of a proper fit – critical to optimal baghouse performance – as well as cost and labor savings.

Contact Us to learn more about our full range of baghouse products, know-how and commitment to our customers. Let SFM be your source for replacement filter bags, pleated filters, cartridge filters, cages and venturis, baghouse parts & accessories, leak detection powder, inspection lights, and more. When it comes to dust collectors, we’ve got you covered.