Baghouse Parts & Accessories

Diaphragm Valve

Turbo, Goyen and Asco Valves and Rebuild Kits are in-stock to meet your needs.

Southern Filter Media (SFM) offers a wide range of baghouse parts and accessories for any OEM brand of dust collection equipment. We’ve got you covered with a large inventory of in-stock diaphragm valves and rebuild kits as well as solenoid valves and rebuild kits.

We’ve also got leak detection powder, low UV inspection lights, precoat filter aid, and more.

Call us today at 800.937.8988 for excellent customer service, pricing, and prompt delivery from our extensive spare parts inventory including pressure gauges, timer boards, NEMA enclosures, and more. You can also email us at

Timer Board

SFM can assist you with dust collector control panels/timer boards for all types of OEM dust collector systems.


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