Wood Products & Woodworking

Exposure to fine wood dust particles constitutes one of the primary respiratory health risks to employees in woodworking operations. Additionally, some specific types of wood dust may be carcinogenic.

Baghouse Filter Bag

The Carter Day “RJ” has been a mainstay in the woodworking as well as grain industries.

Southern Filter Media (SFM) has long-standing expertise in the wood products market and applications that generate dust from processing a variety of wood materials. SFM offers a range of fabrics and finishes to effectively manage dust collection, whether large particulate, high moisture, agglomerative, or fine dust. SFM maintains an extensive inventory of baghouse filter bags in-stock for emergency shipment including “O” ring top, raw edge top, and snapband designs.

Bottom-load Polyester Filter Bag

This grounded bottom-load polyester filter bag helps to reduce static electricity buildup, thus reducing the possibility of a spark initiating a fire or explosion. It features a copper ground wire.

Wood dust may be combustible and SFM can provide you with flame and fire-retardant materials and finishes that meet NFPA regulations. You can trust Southern Filter Media.

Baghouse Filter Bags for Any Application

Contact Us to learn about our full range of baghouse filter bags including replacement filter bags, pleated filters, and cartridge filters that are the appropriate choice for your particular woodworking application.