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Snapband Filter Bags

This grounded polyester snapband bag helps to reduce static electricity buildup in a variety of grain and food processing applications. It features a stainless steel ground wire on cuff.

Flour mills, grain elevators, and ethanol processing facilities all use an extensive array of filter bags in their process baghouses, nuisance baghouses, and cogeneration operations. At Southern Filter Media (SFM), we understand the challenges of dusty, grain-handling operations and the implications for filter media selection. If you are concerned about extending bag life, greater energy efficiency, PM emissions, or other challenges, we’ve got you covered. SFM manufactures a broad line of high-quality dust bags that are widely – and successfully – used in grain processing and other industries.

The SFM advantage includes a very large, stocked, inventory of polyester, polypropylene, aramid, and PPS roll goods, allowing us to respond rapidly to our customers’ needs. Optional finishes such as hydro-oleophobic, silicone, anti-static, and ePTFE membrane are available, as required for your particular application.

Because unforeseen and emergency situations do arise, same day or next day shipping is normally available. We strive to consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

SFM Strainer Filter Bags

Strainer bags

Contact Us to learn more about our full range of products for your baghouse including cages, venturis, clamps, timer boards, gauges, sifter sleeves (permeable and non-permeable), and more. We can also supply you with air relief bags for trailers and rail cars as well as truck load-out chutes. For your wet filtration applications, we offer rotary drum covers, strainer vessels and bags, filter press cloths, and filter paper.