Power Generation, Utilities, Biomass, Waste-to-Energy

Automated Tubing Line

SFM’s automated tubing lines & finishing operations are key to providing consistent quality and reliability to baghouses in power-gen industries.

Sonic Horns

Sonic horns produce low frequency, high-intensity sound waves to acoustically clean filter bags in various power-related applications.

When it comes to baghouses for power generation plants, biomass, and waste-to-energy companies, Southern Filter Media (SFM) has been proudly serving this diverse and growing range of industries since 1973. Whether the baghouse is collecting dust on a coal-conveying system, fly ash from a biomass-to-energy process, or the process is a high-sulfur coal-fired stoker boiler, SFM has the dry filtration expertise to deal with the challenges of these processes.

SFM has the proven track record of helping companies meet fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) regulations. Our deep experience runs the gamut from material selection for resistance to chemically-aggressive gas conditions to managing static-electricity buildup to preventing premature filter bag failures.

SFM offers a wide array of filter media or finishes – manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities to best meet the operational challenges you may be experiencing. From ePTFE membrane filter bags to oil-resistant and water-resistant finishes to micro-denier felt materials, we can supply the fabrics, finishes, construction, and components best suited to your specific application.

We offer replacement filter bags, pleated & cartridge filters – and baghouse accessories such as sonic horns – depending upon your baghouse equipment & operational demands.

Contact Us if you have dust collection problems, or want to improve operating efficiencies and extend bag life. From biomass to waste-to-energy to coal-fired boilers, we understand your challenges and have proven baghouse solutions.

Standard and Micro Denier Fiber

Standard & Micro Denier felt materials are among the fabrics that may be appropriate for your specific application.