Aggregates, Cement & Asphalt

Aramid Fiber Dust Collector BagsThe stringent emissions requirements imposed on cement and asphalt production can be met with our full line of High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Filter Media including Fiberglass with ePTFE, Aramids, Blended Felts, micro denier polyester, and homopolymer acrylic felt for your industry-leading dust collector bags. We understand the conditions in cement plants, quarry, asphalt, and limestone industries.

With our versatile & state-of-the-art production lines, we can manufacture tubular, double pocket, and triple pocket filter bags commonly associated with dust collection systems in these demanding industries.

Hanger Filter BagShaker design bags for your Nuisance Dust Collectors are readily available in woven, knit, and “shaker” felt fabrics.

We also stock a full line of installation hardware, baghouse parts and accessories – such as timers, diaphragm valves, solenoids, and repair kits – and products for your routine preventative maintenance including leak detection powder and inspection lights.

Contact Us to learn more about our baghouse solutions for cement plants, asphalt, aggregates, and allied industries. Proper media selection is a key ingredient to optimal dust collection and SFM has the expertise and extensive product line you need.