Speed and Reliability: Critically important in your supply chain management. We’ve got you covered.

Recently a customer had an upset condition in their baghouse and, unfortunately, had no spare filter bags in their inventory. They called the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group looking for a quick delivery on filter bags to get their plant/production back up and running quickly. The Micronics team was able to manufacture the filter bags the same day and expedite the shipment to arrive the following morning. In less than 24 hours, Micronics was able to provide our customer with the trusted, high-quality filter bags they needed to get their baghouse back in operation and the plant back up and running. Speed matters, no doubt. You can count on Micronics for speed and also assistance with inventory management so you can easily manage unforeseen disruptions.

Contact us if you are in a pinch or to facilitate a smart filter bag inventory management program so that filter bags don’t become the limiting factor in getting your baghouse up and running swiftly if there is an excursion. We’ve got you covered.

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