Spare Replacement Parts for Your Dust Collection System: SFM Has Got You Covered

Southern Filter Media & the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group frequently talk with our valued clients about the importance of keeping up with your Routine Baghouse Maintenance & Inspection Schedule for risk mitigation & optimizing the performance of your baghouse.

A Regular Baghouse Maintenance & Outage Schedule is as important as ever, even in these unprecedented times.

Develop A Spare Parts Replacement Plan to Optimize Your Baghouse’s Performance

Leak Detection Powder LightsYour team knows that baghouse safety/risk mitigation also includes ensuring proper safety stocks of baghouse components. Southern Filter Media (“SFM”) remains your best air pollution control (APC) source, not only for the industry’s best filter media but for ordering and reordering baghouse parts, components and accessories.

Here is a partial list of stocked parts for enhancing system performance in your dust collector –including Pulse-Jet, Reverse-Air, or Shaker systems:

We Stock the Baghouse Replacement Parts You Need

Your air pollution control experts at SFM can help you with building an inventory of replacement parts for the safe and reliable operation of your dust control system. We’ll help you with the must-have parts to have on-hand to avoid unscheduled baghouse downtime!

Our inside sales professionals are ready to provide you with quotes & ready to ship out spare parts to you. Contact Us to request a quote for the baghouse replacement parts you need or call us at (800) 937-8988 to speak to one of our specialists.

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