Filter Bags & Accessories for Optimal Baghouse Performance

Pulse Jet, Shaker & Reverse Air Bags

Filter Bags

OEM Replacement Bags for Each Unique Baghouse

Dust Bags Manufactured in SFM's State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facilities.

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Cages, Venturis, Valves, Timers & More

Filter Bag Cages

Full Range of Configurations and Materials

Choose the Configurations and Materials of Construction that Best Satisfy Your Application.

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Leak Detection Powder & Inspection Lights

Leak Detection Powder

For Ensuring Baghouse Quality & Reliability

Use Our Fluorescent Dye Powder With Our Black Lights for Effective Leak Testing.

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Troubleshooting & Technical Service


Increase your efficiencies & bag life

Call Us Today For Baghouse Troubleshooting With Our Experts.

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Featured Market: Asphalt Production

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